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We Are Scientists - Sealion at Lola's Trailer Park TONIGHT!


Lola's Trailer Park
2737 W 5th 76107 Fort Worth United States
"Murray & Cain, they’re the guys who started #WeAreScientists 13 years ago. Fresh out of college and bored by their day jobs, they figured rehearsing a rock & roll band would eat up the long slow evenings. Only it backfired, because the band panned out. Now nothing eats up their long slow days, except proving that a busted clock is wrong nearly all the time, and if you watch a pot long enough, eventually it boils!"...

Their sound has several textures woven throughout it includng those of Brian Eno, Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine as well as Hall & Oates and Fleetwood Mac.

#HelterSeltzer is We Are Scientists' 5th alblum of which many selections will be performed at Lola's Saloon's Trailer Park this coming Friday!
check it out at http://wearescientists.com/

Dallas' Sealion opens up the show at 7:30pm
#wearescientists plays at 8:30pm

Go to http://www.trailerparkdfw.com/ for show and ticket info

Presented by Margin Walker - Dallas, Afallon Productions and Lola's Saloon


Get tickets: http://ticketf.ly/1UJoOZK
Details: We Are Scientists at Lola's Trailer Park